The Regulation of DNA Replication and Transcription, 3rd Edition

by Mirko Beljanski, PhD.

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the 1983 original publication with Karger, this 3rd Edition has been published with scientific commentary and evidentiary support of Mirko Beljanski’s groundbreaking discoveries, given by Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPH.

2nd editionIn his pioneering work in France and the U.S. more than half a century ago, Dr. Mirko Beljanski laid the foundation for understanding what today is termed, Epigenetics. Dr. Beljanski studied how external factors can interact directly with DNA causing structural changes and the initiation of cancers without having any impact on the genetic code itself. Beljanski recognized what growing numbers of scientists today understand: environmental factors – including nutrition, patterns of exercise and recreation, and exposure to other external agents – can affect the capacity of cancers to proliferate by inducing physical alterations in the DNA duplex by weakening the capacity of DNA to evade metabolic damage.

Recent studies affirm the value of the ideas that Beljanski elucidated in the last century. The basic processes of DNA replication and transcription are now understood to control whether or not genetic information is damaged or repaired, and when and how it is released or transformed. Understanding that cancer and other chronic diseases arise as a result of complex gene-environment interactions that take place at the level of the epi-genome provides a comprehensive way of linking information about the ways that biology and chemistry influence whether or not cells become malignant and how and when they can be repaired or eliminated. Those who share our concerns with devising better ways to treat cancer will benefit from reading this work, as well as those determined to develop methods to prevent the occurrence of disease altogether.

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