The President: Monique Beljanski

Monique Beljanski, a scientist

Born in Paris, Monique Beljanski was trained in biology and bacteriology and is a project engineer.

Throughout her career she was dedicated to working with her husband, Dr. Mirko Beljanski. They started their theoretical research in molecular biology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in the 1950s, and in the 1980s they continued their applied research at the Chatenay-Malabry School of Pharmacy.

Between 1957 and 1993, she and Dr. Beljanski, co-authored 29 peer reviewed scientific articles.

Monique and Mirko Beljanski at the Pasteur Institute<br/>©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.

Monique and Mirko Beljanski at the Pasteur Institute
©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.

A mother of two (Boris and Sylvie Beljanski), Monique has written and collaborated on severals books outlining the scientific work of Dr. Beljanski as well as the controversy prompted by his remarkable breakthroughs.

President of The Beljanski Foundation

As President of The Beljanski Foundation, Ms. Beljanski presents lectures in Europe and in the United States.

Through her dedication and hard work, the discoveries of her late husband remain as relevant and cutting-edge as they were two decades ago.
She also spends time encouraging doctors and scientists to continue research on discoveries Dr. Beljanski was unable to develop due to lack of time and resources. Such examples include the transmission of hereditary characters by RNA fragments or the crucial role of permanently open loops in the DNA of non-mutated pre-cancerous cells. Ms. Beljanski looks forward to encouraging further development of clinical applications of the natural extracts discovered by Dr. Beljanski, particularly against viral and auto-immune diseases.

Monique Beljanski giving a video interview for a French magazine<br/>©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.

Monique Beljanski giving a video interview for a French magazine
©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.