Breast Cancer – Rebecca C.

Breast Cancer“I could clearly see that the tumor in my breast, which had been treated at An Oasis of Healing with IPT by Dr Lodi in 2010, was growing again. I could feel it getting larger, the nipple was beginning to dimple, something it hadn’t done previously, and new blood vessels were forming just under the skin. It was scary. I added oleander to my regimen for several weeks, but it caused diarrhea and I could never build the dose up sufficiently because of this.

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Breast Cancer – Henriette B.

BOUCHET Henriette

Her story against Breast Cancer by Dr. Morton Walker

For homemaker Henriette B., the myriad of methods for treating breast cancer were of little concern until October 1986, when Madame B. discovered a tiny lump in her right breast. A week later the growth had disappeared, so she paid no more attention to it. But the memory remained.

Mrs. B., like most women, knew that any thickening in any section of the breast could be indicative of malignancy. She counted herself lucky that nothing came from the lump’s presence—it just got rid of itself.

Then in February of the following year, a small hollow area or indentation showed up directly in the same area of her right breast. Just under the indentation she found a small growth, the size of a pimple. But the gynecologist who had been attending to her hormonal needs for over twenty-five years refused to acknowledge that any abnormality of the breast was present. “He told me that everything was just fine,” explained Mme. B.
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Breast Cancer – Mr. Claude F.

FRERE Claude

December 9, 2005, I discovered a lump in the left breast. I got a diagnosis through an ultrasound and biopsy. The verdict was cancer, and my doctor suggested sessions of chemotherapy and radiation.

After reflection, and because I didn’t feel comfortable with this treatment, in February 2006, I consulted another doctor who gave me more hope. This doctor recommended the Beljanski’s ingredients associated with the Breusse cure. On February 11, I started taking 18 capsules per day: 6 capsules 3 times a day, a half hour before each meal: 2 capsules of Pao pereira extract + 2 capsules Rauwolfia vomitoria extract + 2 capsules of Golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba extract.

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Breast Cancer – Genevieve T.

Breast Cancer

“Breast cancer was discovered in April 2005, and I had an operation in July 2005.

The carcinome had spread, was grade 3, and my lymph nodes were very swollen. I refused treatment the first time, and then I agreed to radiation sessions. I stopped after 13 sessions. My body and my mind could no longer handle it. I met a young, attentive oncologist and told her that I would do chemotherapy only if the cancer became metastatic. She called me in September 2005 when the metastases began. I did three of the six sessions. The diagnosis of the specialists were unanimous, and they estimated that I wouldn’t live beyond Spring 2006.

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Breast Cancer – Monique de P.

Breast Cancer

I am a patient with breast cancer. I underwent a complete mastectomy, but there remained a lump in the pectoral muscle, where they could not operate because it would do too much damage.

I underwent a treatment called ARIMIDEX, which was not effective. My cancer was complicated, with bone metastases. The doctor decided on a drip chemotherapy, which did not reassure me, knowing the side effects, as I am a nurse.

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Breast cancer – Mrs. Irène P.

Breast CancerIt was in January 1993 that I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the left breast with two ganglia. On March 23, 1993, the level of white blood cells in my blood was below 2, 860 (the norm being located between 4,000 and 10,000) and my cancer specialist informed me that I would have to temporarily stop the 7 month protocol for 1 month in order to wait for my white blood cell levels to go up. It was clear that during this time, I was taking the risk that the cancer would become more resistant …

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