Prostate Cancer – Rod W.

“I’m a poster child for Beljanski’s botanicals. I feared the worst when my doctor told me that I had a PSA count of 19. My doctor told me it was almost certainly prostate cancer, and it had probably metastasized. I found out about these botanicals through Hugo House Publishers. I was skeptical, but I took them. Six weeks later my PSA count was down to 7. Then then it slipped to 5 and has stayed there for over a year.”

– Rod W. from Denver, CO

Prostate Cancer – Henri B.


His story against Prostate Cancer by Dr. Morton Walker

For eleven years, Henri B., Ph.D., a resident of southern France and currently retired as Professor of Physics at the University of Paris, had been Director of Research at the CNRS, and for eleven years the Administrator of a prominent Cancer Treatment Center of Villejuif near Paris. The CNRS in France is equivalent to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States. As administrator of the Center, invariably Dr. B. had participated in executive decisions about the awarding of research grants for evaluations of medical therapies. He studied all aspects of treatment for most types of diseases, including cancer. Dr. B. received exposure to every means of health care available worldwide. If he personally had need of some sort of therapeutic intervention for illness, Dr. B. certainly was free to choose the method he believed to be most beneficial for his own healing.

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Prostate Cancer – Joel T.


“After 18 months, I am finally telling my story. Each year, in medical visits since the age of 50, I had blood taken, PSA levels measured, and an echo graph of the prostate. July 22, 2004, the result of the blood test showed a rise in my PSA level from 4 to 5.57. My doctor prescribed an ultrasound of the prostate. This took place August 2, 2004, the day I turned 68. The radiologist told me that he saw an anomaly in the left lobe and that I should see a urologist. In the month of August, its not very easy to find a urologist. Finally, a meeting was arranged for August 26. After the exam and looking at my analyses, the urologist scheduled a biopsy for September 7, with results coming in September 16: denocarcinome with indice of Glacson 4×3.

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Prostate Cancer – Jean M.


“At 70 years old, my doctor stated that I had a “large but flexible” prostate. It turned out that I was suffering from a mild adenoma of the prostate. My PSA rate, already 19 (the normal rate being under 5), continued to increase rapidly until hitting 39.

Very distressed over the diagnosis and in an attempt to fix these dismal readings, I turned exclusively to the Beljanski’s ingredients notably Pao pereira, because I knew that this approach wasn’t aggressive. Thanks to Dr. Beljanski, the situation improved rapidly .

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Prostate Cancer – Roland L.


“I’m 75 and I underwent a urinary echography exam followed by a biopsy in March 2003.

The awful result was announced: adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

I decided to take Beljanski’s ingredients (Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria). Although my urologist informed me that the best solution in my case was surgical removal of the prostate, I decided to pursue radiation treatments while synergistically benefiting from the radiation-protective effects of Beljanski’s Golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba and RNA fragments.

Diagnosis: “Very reassuring clinical tests, biological exam shows PSA lowered to 1.82, expected to continue decreasing; good clinical results from radiation and biological improvement.”

”Seeing these encouraging results, my doctor exclaimed that this was a “miracle.”

Bladder and Prostate Cancer – Georges C.

I had my prostate removed in 1986 at age 64. Unfortunately in 1991 during a medical follow-up by the Department of Urology at Bordeaux University Hospital Center, tumors were discovered in my bladder and right prostate. Given this diagnosis, my doctors in both Bordeaux and Paris suggested a treatment by BCG drip. I thus underwent BCG drips at various frequencies for one year.

However, my doctors didn’t know that in addition to these drips, I was taking six capsules of Rauwolfia vomitoria daily. A generalist whom I had been advised to consult with prescribed this treatment for me.

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