What is in your Pao pereira product?

The Beljanski Foundation has fostered a great deal of research utilizing specific alkaloids found in the bark and leaves of certain plants. Among them, flavopereirine, an alkaloid found in the bark of Pao pereira (formerly known as PB-100 or Pau pereira), has been found, through research, to combat the proliferation of cancer cells. The Beljanski Foundation’s research has shown that the greater the potency of this alkaloid, the greater the benefit.

At The Beljanski Foundation, we want to use only the highest concentration of flavopereirine for our research. That is why we had an independent lab conduct analysis of several products containing Pao pereira (Pau pereira) and their concentration of flavopereirine (the key alkaloid in Pao pereira) to source the best.

Therefore, a project was undertaken to compare a number of dietary supplements available worldwide that contain and advertise Pao pereira.

Comparison of Various Dietary Supplements containing Pao pereira:

The Beljanski Foundation procured nine samples of dietary supplements from around the world that advertised as Pao pereira for comparison. The objective was to compare the levels of flavopereirine to see if the beneficial compound in the products were similar in content across several brands. The nine intact, sealed bottles, were submitted to the same independent laboratory for analysis. The test method used, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), was the same for all samples tested. The unused portions of the samples were returned to The Beljanski Foundation to be examined visually. All returned samples were found to be intact and not discolored or damaged.

The results of the testing were quite dramatic in regard to the flavopereirine content in each sample. Among the nine samples tested, ranging from almost nothing – to high quality.

Here are the results:

Products PPM
PAO 140 Bonté Naturelle NL Distributors Corp (Canada) Below LOQ*
PAU PEREIRA Dieti Natura SAE Group (Switzerland) Below LOQ*
Pao Pereira 40 Botagenic® Premedica Health Resources, LLC (USA) Below LOQ*
PAO PEREIRA Tincture (1:4) Tropilab® (USA) 10 ppm
PP 40 Super Smart  (Luxembourg) 13 ppm
Pau Pereira Rainforest Pharmacy (USA) 27 ppm
PAO PEREIRA Laboratoire Janine Benoit (Spain) 52 ppm
Pao V® Maison Beljanski/Natural Source International (USA) 823 ppm
Pao V “FM”® Maison Beljanski/Natural Source International (USA) 962 ppm

* LOQ – Limit of Quantitation

Chart - EN

The results from the independent laboratory were graphed to clearly show the vast difference in flavopereirine content between products sold on the market claiming to contain Pao pereira (Pau pereira).


Most products advertised as Pao pereira (Pau pereira) products have in fact very limited amounts of flavopereirine with the exception of two Maison Beljanski, formerly known as Natural Source International products.

While The Beljanski Foundation cannot offer a definite reason for the drastic differences in flavopereirine content in the various products tested, it is most likely that there are differences in the manufacturing processes or in the materials used for production.

Comparative Study between Beljanski RNA-Fragments and Yeast-Based RNA-Fragments

A study conducted in a clinical setting at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) made it possible to compare the activity of the Beljanski RNA fragments, based on E. Coli K.12, and other RNA fragments, made from yeast. The Beljanski RNA fragments (available as “ReaLBuild”) allowed the patients studied to maintain a good level of platelets without transfusion, while the patients taking the yeast fragments failed.

For more information on this study, click here.

To Sum Things Up

It is often difficult to know what your food supplements actually contain. There is frequently a correlation between a low price and quality (or lack thereof) of the ingredients.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper products that only offer a fraction of the number of active molecule you need.

This is a Living Document

If you come across other products claiming to be Pao pereira (Pau pereira) extracts or RNA fragments, let The Beljanski Foundation know. We will source the product, have it independently tested and will publish the results.

The Beljasnki Foundation is an independent reference for the quality of the products stemming from the research of Mirko Beljanski.

The research programs of The Beljanski Foundation have all been conducted with materials supplied by Maison Beljanski, a company with principles based on quality and integrity, and also the only company respecting the extraction methods and the quality defined by Mirko Beljanski himself.

By Sylvie Beljanski